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Porcelain slab Toronto suppliers have independent stone supply showrooms. Read on to find out more about this exciting new trend for countertops.


Have you heard about porcelain slab countertops? If you haven’t yet, be prepared! You’ll soon be hearing a lot about this light, strong, and versatile material. The idea of porcelain slab countertops has been around since the 1990s, but in recent years innovation in the design and manufacture of the material has made it very attractive to designers, fabricators, and homeowners alike. Better stone suppliers are bringing porcelain slab to Toronto, and if you want to get in on the ground floor of a trend, visit an independent stone importer today.


Why Porcelain Slab?


There are many reasons why porcelain slab countertops are gaining in popularity so rapidly. Here are a few features that help to explain why so many homeowners are enthusiastically installing porcelain countertops in their kitchens:

  • Strength. Porcelain is extremely durable. Granite is one of the hardest natural substances in the world, and many people choose granite countertops because of it. It’s estimated that porcelain is 30% more durable than granite!
  • Stain and scratch resistance. Because it’s non-porous, porcelain slab doesn’t absorb liquid. Acidic substances leave no trace. It’s not susceptible to scratches, stains, or mould.
  • Ease of maintenance. All that’s required is a basic soap-and-water clean and wipe. No sealing, resealing, polishing, or scrubbing.
  • Indoor/outdoor. Porcelain slab can even withstand Canadian weather! If you need an outdoor countertop, porcelain is best choice. It holds up well to sun, rain, wind, and snow.
  • Cost. Unlike fine stone, porcelain slab is highly affordable. Prefabrication, the average porcelain slab costs between $800 to $1,000.
  • Integral sinks. While some other countertop materials allow you to include an integral sink, your options with them are limited to white or other neutral colours. With porcelain slab, integral sinks can be matched to the colour, pattern, and design of the countertop! This is a great boon for designers.
  • Thin surface. Porcelain slab is manufactured in thin layers. It’s so strong that it doesn’t need to be cut deep. This thinness can help to create a sleek, ultramodern look. If you have an existing stone countertop that you need to replace, you know that it can be difficult and expensive to remove it. However, many times porcelain slab can be installed right on top of existing stone!
  • Natural. Although porcelain slab can be as dramatically patterned and coloured as you would like, it’s made of kaolin clay, heated at high temperatures. Porcelain is a material that’s been used in art and architecture for centuries, so you don’t have to worry about toxic chemicals or off-gassing.
  • Seamless. When porcelain slab was first introduced, it wasn’t possible to manufacture very large pieces. New technology makes installing very large pieces simple, reducing the number of seams necessary and making it possible to create island countertops that are completely seamless.
  • Unusual design possibilities. Glazing techniques and inkjet printing makes it simple to emboss dramatic metallic designs, imitation fabric or wood patterns, and much more. Because porcelain slab is produced in the same facilities that produce tiles, you can also create designs that incorporate matching slab and tile elements.

Stone Importers-Distributors

In Toronto, the best places to view and learn more about porcelain slab are independent stone import showrooms. Visit one today!